How to Take Care of and Maintain a Computer and Laptop to Stay Durable

1. Install the antivirus program and update it regularly.
To be able to detect new viruses on your computer, you should update your antivirus program regularly. Viruses that have already spread on your computer will be able to make performance on your computer or Windows slow. and of course if the virus has spread to the entire system32 or Windows then it must inevitably re-install Windows on the computer. and incur costs and make the hard drive quickly damaged if the frequency of reinstalling windows.


2. Use UPS / Stabilizer.
Use UPS to anticipate sudden power outages / outages which can cause damage to your computer’s Hadware components, especially on hard drives and others. If you don’t have a UPS, use a stabilizer to anticipate and stabilize the ups and downs of the voltage in your house.


3. Clean the Recycle Bin or the useless junk files.
all files / folders that you delete actually do not immediately disappear from the hard drive, so the files / folders you delete will be accommodated first in the Recycle Bin, this means that one time you still need it to be able to restore again. A lot of Recycle Bin will also take up hard disk space which can cause hard drive readings to be not optimal.


4. Periodically defrag the hard drive.
The defrag function is to organize, tidy up and sort hard disk files based on the type of file / data in such a way as to make it easier for the read / write process on your computer, so that your computer’s workload will also be lighter which can ultimately extend the life of the hard disk.


5. Turn off the computer according to the procedure.
of course, to turn it off must follow a predetermined procedure. If this step is ignored, it can cause damage to computer peripherals, especially on the Mainboard and hard disk, the steps to shutdown for each operating system are different. Many tutorials have shared this.


6. Uninstall Unused / Unused Programs
Generally, too much hard drive space will slow down the read / write hard drive system until the workload will be heavier until the hard disk will be damaged quickly. Generally it will appear a warning also your hard disk space is full. and this is useful for saving disk space.


7. Avoid it Laptop use in the top of the mattress / pillow.
this matter. most are the silence of many people. This can make your laptop quickly damaged, try as much as possible not to use it when the laptop is on the bed, why? Because the mattress or soft material and other soft shaped to absorb heat, it is not a waste of hot air. While the laptop is on, the laptop always removes hot air, so that the heat will be absorbed by the mattress above it when there is a laptop. Until this kind of thing can certainly harm your own laptop.


8. Time to Use a Laptop, Try the Laptop Base in the form of a Flat Surface.
When the laptop is turned on, one of the laptop components in the form of a disk on the hard drive is spinning. Especially when you open a specific application in the laptop, so the dish rotates harder. If the laptop is in a tilted position, the dish can be scratched with the closest component of the hard drive, so it’s very risky.


9. Avoid using a laptop until the battery is empty up to 0%.

If you continue to use a laptop until the battery is 0% empty, of course this kind of thing will shorten the life of your laptop battery. So if your laptop battery has approached 7%, so immediately charger back, when before the battery runs out, the battery charge up to 100% full. It is highly recommended that laptop users do your laptop settings off when the battery approaches 0%, setting the Power Options section.


10. Stay away from operating a laptop in a room that has a hot temperature.
Operating a computer in a very hot room temperature can cause damage to laptop components. If you continue to want to use the latop in a hot room temperature, use the cooling pad. Cooling pad is divided into a small fan or there is also a large fan model. Using the cooling fan can help the air flow to be good for your laptop.